Objects carry their history, emitting the marks made by time. In our perception of objects these marks are shown to us within the context of surrounding and background. They tell us their own story, the story of life, a continuous flow of change, creation and re-creation.
I love raw edges and rusted metal, wilted flowers and colours, the beautiful fragility and randomness of life.
I feel an invitation to participate in this wonderful flow of change and creation. In my art I translate this story within a new background and context. I want to invite the viewers to do the same.
In addition to spontaneity and intuition, research and attention to the origins of surroundings are an important part of my creative process.
My installations are immersive, site-specific, mixed and multi-media.
Found objects, performances, photography, film, fabrics, hand-painted or by nature, are just some of my tools.
In creating performances I work closely with models and dancers, sharing views and emotions I wish to convey and allowing them to interpret this in movement, building together the choreography.
Although autonomous in the final creation and implementation of my own art pieces, I love to work with other artists and other disciplines for research and inspiration. I embrace and celebrate the rich diversity of life creating my random order archive.